Color Crush - 8.7.19

It’s been a minute! Our wedding season is in full swing here at the Greenhouse, and we are so inspired by all of the creativity we have seen from our couples this season!

A big part of our inspiration has been color! Year-to-year the hit color changes, but we always love when someone steps outside the lines and chooses something unique!

We are currently crushing on the most delicious, warm, spiced, cinnamon color we ever did see! With variations that feel more rose, and some that feel more pumpkin, we are totally digging this multi seasonal hue! Depending on how you pair it, this color is totally versatile!

Meet our star of many names: sunset orange, spiced pumpkin, cinnamon rose, lucky penny….the list goes on! Comment with what you would name this special hue!

color crush

See below for some season-to-season adaptations of this color we are sure is going to be a hit (if it isn’t already!)

spring - sunset orange-01.jpg

Who said Spring is strictly pastel? When you pair this warm and spicy hue with rich cream, french blue, and blushing pink, you have a perfectly peach spring palette!

summer - sunset orange-01.jpg

Rising temps call for juicy palettes! Take our color crush and add berry, apricot, and butter yellow for a sunshine-ready burst of color for your upcoming soiree.

Autumn - sunset orange-01.jpg

We would be lying if we didn’t say Autumn pretty much has our whole heart. Touches of mustard and rose compliment this burnt orange hue perfectly for a cozy fall palette that feels like a big hug.

winter - sunset orange-01.jpg

Maybe it’s chilly outside, but your winter palette doesn’t need to be! Rich textures combined with amber, mauve, and cinnamon come together with a touch of emerald green for your snowy day!

What season would you like to use this color in?

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Caroline DeBruyckere